Conduct Loader Operations - RIIMPO304E Courses

Learn to conduct front end loader operations to industry standard.  Gain competency and confidence to bulk load and stockpile materials, level and strip sites and restrain for transport.  Further topics will include:

  • Planning and preparing for operations
  • Pre-operational inspection
  • Familiarisation and capabilities of the Loader
  • Handling characteristicsImage result for loader truck
  • Manoeuvring of the Loader
  • Identification of hazards and risk management
  • Workplace Health & Safety responsibilities
  • Loading
  • Leveling
  • Theory training
  • Loader theory assessment
  • Loader operational assessment


Training will be conducted at Advanced's training premises, simulating onsite conditions.  Gleen from our industry experienced trainers!

Training is available to individuals and groups at our facility or yours.
Face to face in simulated work environment at the Advanced's training premises. Our experienced, qualified trainers and assessors will ensure you have all the knowledge and practical based training required.

Upcoming Conduct Loader Operations - RIIMPO304E Courses

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