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For more than 20 years Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training (AHVDT) has been offering training to the highest standard in the safe operation and understanding of heavy vehicles. We boast an impressive rate in test results achieved through the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, thanks to our committed and passionate team of professional and industry experienced trainers who always pay close attention to details when training their students. We have a varied fleet of well maintained and air conditioned vehicles for you to learn to the skills you will need to be safe on our roads.
We are a locally owned and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering accredited courses to suit your needs.

Steer Towards Your Dream Job: Unlock New Opportunities with a Heavy Vehicle License

Increasing your skill set with a heavy vehicle license is a fantastic way to open up new job opportunities and expand your horizons.

Are you ready to elevate your career prospects and broaden your skill set?

Acquiring a heavy vehicle license can be the game-changer you need. A Heavy Vehicle license not only opens doors in the trucking industry but also presents opportunities in agriculture, industrial, and recreational sectors and many more

Whether you're a recent school graduate, currently unemployed, or seeking to enhance your skills while employed, obtaining a heavy vehicle license is a powerful step. It not only boosts your skill set but also acts as a gateway to a plethora of job possibilities. By investing in a Heavy Vehicle license, you'll not only open up new avenues but also expand your horizons for a promising future.


Your Journey Starts Here

At AHVDT, we proudly stand with a proven track record and an impressive success rate as our students earn their heavy vehicle licenses through the QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads. Leveraging extensive experience and expertise in QSAFE, our trainers accurately assess your readiness for testing.

Whether you're starting from scratch or bringing advanced skills, our dedicated trainers collaborate with each student, instilling the confidence, knowledge, and proficiency needed to navigate the testing process effortlessly. At AHVDT, we are committed to empowering you with the skills for a confident and successful journey toward obtaining your heavy vehicle license.

Harness Success: Benefit from Our Experience 

 Get ready for a thrilling road adventure! At AHVDT, we've been turning driving dreams into reality for years. Our dynamic team is dedicated to equipping you with the skills and knowledge to navigate heavy vehicles confidently and safely.

Embark on an exciting learning experience, receiving the latest industry insights to conquer every aspect of heavy vehicle licensing. Our friendly crew is here to guide you seamlessly from start to finish, ensuring you hit the road with excitement and newfound driving freedom.

Drive with Confidence: Learn from the Best at AHVDT 

Operating a large vehicle carries significant responsibility, and for first-timers, it can be an intimidating experience. That's why choosing the right trainer is crucial to ease your concerns and prioritize your safety. At AHVDT, we recognize your apprehensions and offer access to top-notch trainers. Our expert trainers bring extensive experience in both industry driving and professional corporate training, ensuring you receive the best guidance available. With AHVDT, you're in capable hands, ready to navigate the road with confidence and competence. 

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