What We Drive

By Wade
Our Trucks

"Let us introduce you to our Modern Family..."

At AHVDT, we take our trucks seriously. We are proud of our fully modern fleet of five vehicles and set of B double trailers. With this many vehicles at our finger tips, there is a truck for everyone who trains with us. Each vehicle is considered a part of the AHVDT family, is fully air conditioned, maintained and well cared for.


"Smoking Smurf"

Smurf is our resident MR vehicle being a 2009 Isuzu FRR500 and has been with AHVDT since 2011. Smurf has a synchromesh (manual) gearbox and trains those wanting a smaller grade of truck licence.

Smurf is a great introduction to heavy vehicle driving for those who only have 12 months on their car licence or just need their licence for recreational purposes. Smurf is still quite young and energetic and has a lot to learn in the industry.

He can be a bit unruly at times but the trainers know just how to handle him and ensure he is kept on a leash at all times - hence being nicknamed Smoking Smurf.


"Our Super Model"

Lulu2 has fitted in very nicely amongst the other HR vehicles at AHVDT, taking over from her older automatic counterpart Lulu.

Lulu2 is extremely easy to drive and makes the job of gaining one’s HR A or B Condition licence very simple. She is a 2005 ‘super’ model Sterling LT7500 truck and has only been with the company since late 2014. Since arriving at AHVDT, she has proven herself to be very popular amongst lads and ladies alike.

Just as her nickname suggests, Lulu2 is very fashion conscious, and wears her shiny red coat proudly – being the only member of the fleet not clothed in white.


"Easy Ingrid"

The newest edition to the AHVDT fleet is Ingrid, the Swedish I-shift. Ingrid, being a Volvo 2011 FM500 automatic Prime Mover, is sought out by all the boys at AHVDT because she is very ‘easy’ to drive as well as being ‘easy on the eye’.

Equipped with state-of-the-art modern technology, Ingrid sets the pace for the other heavy vehicles in the fleet and introduces students to the standard currently at work in the industry. With a talent such as this, it didn't take long before Ingrid was introduced to all levels of training from a HR up – tackling HR, HC and MC Automatic lessons.


"Saucy Sissy"

Sissy is our 18 speed road ranger gearbox vehicle. Whilst conducting most of the HR and HC open licence training, Sissy enjoys the experience with our many drivers - she is an "on the road dream" - in more ways than one. 

Sissy, a 2007 model, first arrived in 2011 and is 'equipped' with a large integrated night cabin that provides a very roomy ride. She is smooth to drive and appreciates a student with long legs to operate her deep clutch and the muscular strength to control her – which Saucy Sissy delights in!


"Old Dukey Boy"

Old Dukey boy is a much-loved favourite, named after the company owner’s dog Duke. Duke is a 2003 Mack Vision CX Prime Mover with an 18 speed crashbox. Just like the company owner's dog, Old Dukey Boy, is loved by all - both men and women alike.

Duke has been a long standing family member in the AHVDT fleet, arriving in 2010. Being the oldest and wisest family member, nowadays, Duke likes to take a step back and leave the bulk of the work to the others.  Old Dukey boy still likes to project his dominance by being the tallest and broadest member of the fleet. Duke, being a true gentleman, is well known for his soft clutch and smooth ride.
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