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By Wade
Our Trucks

"Take a look at what you could be driving soon..."

At AHVDT, we emphasize the significance of our trucks. While our vehicle selection may not be the newest on the roads, it is designed to suit the realistic work conditions you are likely to encounter. We avoid overwhelming our trucks with unnecessary driver aids, ensuring that you don't develop a false sense of security during your learning process. At AHVDT, our primary focus is on imparting safe truck operation skills. We are proud of our fully modern fleet, which includes five vehicles and a variety of trailers that allow for numerous combinations. With this diverse range of vehicles at our disposal, there's a suitable truck for everyone undergoing training with us. Each vehicle is considered a part of the AHVDT family, featuring full air conditioning.


"Smoking Smurf"

Meet Smurf, our MR vehicle, an Isuzu FRR500. With a synchromesh (manual - no double clutching needed, etc.) gearbox, Smurf is tailored for smaller truck license training.

Perfect for those with only 12 months on their car license, Smurf is ready to accompany students on their journey to confidently handle heavy vehicle driving.

Trainers will guide students to effectively and safely maneuver Smurf, making the learning experience both enjoyable and practical, and earning him the affectionate nickname, Smoking Smurf.


'Marvel at HULK!!'

Meet Hulk, a powerhouse within the AHVDT team. Boasting 535bhp, full automatic capabilities, and readiness for HR, HC, MC operations, Hulk is an indispensable member of our fleet. As a Registered Training Organization (RTO) specializing in heavy vehicle driver training, AHVDT relies on Hulk's strength and user-friendly driving interface to deliver top-notch training experiences. Hulk has been a stalwart companion at AHVDT, earning popularity among both men and women. True to the powerful theme, Hulk proudly showcases the iconic Mack Bulldog, making a bold statement within our fleet




"Easy Ingrid"

Meet Ingrid, representing Euro sophistication in the AHVDT fleet. As a 2011 Volvo FM500 automatic Prime Mover from Sweden, Ingrid still captivates our team with her seamless maneuverability and aesthetic appeal.

With a foundation of cutting-edge technology, Ingrid arguably sets the gold standard for heavy vehicles in our fleet, providing students an introduction to the industry's current benchmarks. Her remarkable capabilities seamlessly integrate into training sessions across all levels, from HR to HC and MC Automatic lessons.


"Saucy Sissy"

Meet Sissy, the heart of our training fleet, featuring an 18-speed non-synchronized road ranger gearbox. Sissy takes charge of the majority of our HR and HC open license training sessions, offering a demanding yet ultimately rewarding experience for our diverse range of drivers – now you're trucking.

Sissy provides an expansive and focused ride. Sissy prides herself on delivering a driving experience that involves a specific rhythm, a style that many new drivers will find completely unnatural. And that's perfectly okay, because our expert trainers are here to teach how to understand how to become smooth and efficient.

It's not 'that' hard, but it will challenge you.



Introducing Hercules, the formidable sibling of Hulk and a cornerstone in the AHVDT team. Like Hulk, Hercules packs 535bhp, features fully automatic capabilities, and is primed for HR, HC, MC operations. As an essential part of our fleet, Hercules plays a crucial role in delivering top-tier training experiences at AHVDT, thanks to its user-friendly driving interface. Since joining AHVDT, Hercules has been a reliable companion, gaining popularity among both men and women undergoing training. Much like its brother, Hercules proudly displays the iconic Mack Bulldog, adding a distinct touch to our fleet's powerful presence.
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