Conduct Bulk Water Truck Operations - RIIMPO206D Courses

Bulk Water Truck Operations is an ideal way to gain entry level roles as a Machinery Operator.  The objective of a water truck is to assist with dust suppression on site to provide safe driving conditions for all operators.  Please note: Dump Trucks can have multiple attachments ie: water tanks / open box bed etc, so, both the Water Truck and Dump Truck are the same to drive.  Topics in this course include:

  • Planning and preparing for operations
  • Pre and post operational checksImage result for bulk water truck
  • Start up and shut down procedures
  • Loading, carrying and dispensing water
  • Relocating the machine from site to site 
  • Carrying out machine operator maintenance
  • Cleaning up after operations.


Let our trainers equip you with the knowledge necessary for onsite operations. 


Upcoming Conduct Bulk Water Truck Operations - RIIMPO206D Courses

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