Heavy Combination

Holding a Heavy Combination (HC) licence is a fantastic way to increase your employment opportunities – especially in the transport industry.

This licence will allow you to drive prime movers with a semi-trailer that have a gross vehicle mass of more than 9 tonnes, as well as a rigid motor vehicle with a trailer weighing more than 9 tonnes plus any unladen converter dolly.

We offer:

  • HC A Condition (Auto)
  • HC B Condition (Syncromesh/Manual)*
  • HC Unconditional (Crashbox/Road Ranger)

Training times vary for each individual, with the average being 2-5 two hour lessons, depending on driving skills and experience. We like to make sure you are competent with driving an HR vehicle before we train with a trailer.

*AHVDT does not have a HC Synchromesh vehicle, however if a person already has a manual car licence, when they conduct a test in a HC Automatic vehicle, they are permitted to drive HC synchromesh vehicles as well (because a manual car licence covers the manual gearbox in a HC vehicle).

What can I drive?

What can I drive?
How many axles?

3 or more axles

How large is the vehicle?

Has a GVM greater than 8t

Can I tow a trailer?

1 towed trailer with a GVM of more than 9t


An MR or HR Licence for a minimum period of 1 year. Any period of licence suspension or cancellation cannot be included in this period.

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