Conduct Tip Truck Operations - RIIVEH304D Courses

Learning to drive a tip truck is a great entry level to gain a position on a machinery site.  This course can open the door with an employer because you will have gained the basic skills to get in and operate the machine and abide by site driving protocols.

Topics include:

  • Pre-start and shut down check – checking for defects on your machine
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Knowledge of all functions of the truck
  • Use of horn to signal entering and exiting pitsImage result for tip truck in operation
  • Radio communications
  • Mine site safety protocols with regards to machinery operations 
  • Driving the machine on site - loaded and empty 
  • Emergency braking
  • Operating in slippery conditions
  • Reversing up to an excavator to accept a load 
  • Correct dumping techniques
  • Completion of production forms
  • Tagging out of equipment

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