Multi Combination

With a Multi Combination (MC) licence, you can legally drive any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles other than a motorcycle. The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads cannot assess for a MC licence as it must be completed through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

We offer:

  • MC A Condition (Auto)
  • MC B Condition (Syncromesh/Manual)*
  • MC Open Uncondition (Crashbox/Road Ranger)

*AHVDT does not have a MC Synchromesh vehicle, however, if a person already has a B Condition HR or HC licence, when they upgrade to a MC licence, their B condition simply carries through.

Course & Assessment Details

Drive Multi-combination Vehicle is a VET accredited course which culminates with the student obtaining a Statement of Attainment, if all competencies are met. Once the student has been deemed competent from a qualified trainer assessor, they are eligible to upgrade their current licence grade to a Multi-combination licence through the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The amount of time required for the course varies according to the condition of licence the trainee is upgrading from. If upgrading from a HR or HC Open licence or if a person only requires an A or B Condition MC licence, than it is likely that less training will be involved. Alternatively, if a person wants to upgrade from either an A or B condition HR or HC and they wish to open up their licence to an Open/Unconditional MC licence, they will be required to be trained in a crashbox prior to the course commencing. This can be arranged as a lesson by lesson process.

The course is conducted with low numbers, ranging anywhere from one to two participants, allowing for focused and thorough training. The course can take anywhere from 1-3, 8 hour days, depending on experience and ability. The course does not require any preparation prior to the day but does include one theory module, which is completed during the course, along with practical driver training in the MC vehicle you will be assessed in.

What can I drive?

What can I drive?
How many axles?

3 or more

How large is the vehicle?

Has a GVM greater than 8T

Can I tow a trailer?

2 towed trailers with a GVM of more than 9T


Have held a HR or HC licence for a minimum of 12 months..

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