Apply Fatigue Management - TLIF2010A Courses

The scheduling and rostering of trips should allow for drivers to take adequate rest breaks and provide drivers with the flexibility to manage fatigue.  During this course you will be equipped with the knowledge of your responsibilities to manage fatigue in accordance with Qld Workplace Health and Safety requirements.  Visit topics like: 

Are drivers provided with sufficient days off to recover from the cumulative effects of fatigue caused by extended
periods of work?
• Are drivers regularly asked to drive during peak fatigue times, namely 2 pm–4 pm and 10 pm–6 am?
• Do drivers ensure that they consider the impact of activities such as recreational activities and personal life on their
well-being and capacity to work safely?
• Are drivers using time off responsibly to prepare for/recover from the fatigue effects of work?

This course will be delivered by experienced drivers who have now become trainers in this field and who are willing to pass on their knowledge in a friendly and professional manner.

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