Heavy Rigid

A HR (Heavy Rigid) licence is an excellent standard licence to have and is used widely throughout many industries. It covers all licence grades underneath (LR and MR) as well as most undefined vehicles (Mobile cranes over 4.5 tonnes). A HR licence is typically required for transportation, mining, council and trade work.

Gaining your HR licence will allow you to drive any motor vehicle that has 3 or more axles and has a gross vehicle mass greater than 8 tonnes.

We offer:

  • HR A Condition (Auto)
  • HR B Condition (Syncromesh/Manual)*
  • HR Unconditional (Crashbox/Road Ranger)

Training times vary for each individual, with the average being 4-5 two hour lessons, depending on driving skills and experience. We like to make sure you are confident and competent before going for your test.

*AHVDT does not have a HR Synchromesh vehicle, however if a person already has a manual car licence, when they conduct a test in a HR Automatic vehicle, they are permitted to drive HR synchromesh vehicles as well (because a manual car licence covers the manual gearbox in a HR vehicle).


What can I drive?

What can I drive?

- A class MR Vehicle 
- A bus or truck (including a prime mover or a mobile crane over 8t GVM with more than 2 axles)
- An articulated bus (a bus than can bend in the middle)
How many axles?

More than 2 axles

How large is the vehicle?

Has a GVM greater than 8t

Can I tow a trailer?

You may tow a trailer with a maximum weight of 9t GVM


An open or provisional car licence for a minimum period of 24 months, excluding any time that your licence was suspended, surrendered, cancelled or expired.

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