Conduct Dozer Operations - RIIMPO308F Courses

Learning to operate a Bulldozer will require knowledge and experience.  The information included in this course will equip you to gain the skill of operation.  Topics will include:

  • The planning and preparation for operation
  • Identifying site hazards and controlling risksImage result for bulldozer
  • Interpreting work plans/documents
  • Selecting and inspecting plant, equipment and PPE
  • Fitting and removing attachments: buckets, winches, loading scoops, shovel blades and rock breaking hammers etc
  • Operating machinery to excavate, drill, break, gouge out, compact, move, load and spread material
  • Safely carrying out work using a bulldozer, in a way that meets Work Health and Safety requirements
  • Inspect, maintain and secure the bulldozer when work is completed
  • Completion of workplace documents.


Assessment for the issue of a ticket will require a demonstration of competence.  In most cases this will require the issue of a logbook to record hours and experience.  Once this has been completed, assessment will be conducted.



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