Conduct Dozer Operations - RIIMPO308F Courses

Learning to operate a Bulldozer will require knowledge and experience.  The information included in this course will equip you to gain the knowledge and skill of operation.  Topics will include:

  • The planning and preparation for operation
  • Identifying site hazards and controlling risksImage result for bulldozer
  • Interpreting work plans/documents
  • Selecting and inspecting plant, equipment and PPE
  • Fitting and removing attachments: buckets, winches, loading scoops, shovel blades and rock breaking hammers etc
  • Operating machinery to excavate, drill, break, gouge out, compact, move, load and spread material
  • Safely carrying out work using a bulldozer, in a way that meets Work Health and Safety requirements
  • Inspect, maintain and secure the bulldozer when work is completed
  • Completion of workplace documents.


Assessment for the issue of a ticket will require a demonstration of competence.  In most cases this will require the issue of a logbook to record hours and experience.  Once this has been completed, assessment will be conducted.

Training is available to individuals and groups at our facility or yours.
Face to face in simulated work environment at the Advanced's training premises. Our experienced, qualified trainers and assessors will ensure you have all the knowledge and practical based training required.


Upcoming Conduct Dozer Operations - RIIMPO308F Courses

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