Conduct Haul Truck Operations - RIIMPO33E Courses

In this Haul Truck course, you will learn the skills to safely conduct Haul truck operations to industry standard.  You will receive training in a Haul Truck carrying full loads and operating under site conditions. Topics will include:

  • Preparing and planning your work
  • Conducting pre-operational checks
  • Operating Haul trucks including:Image result for haul truck
    • lifting,
    • carrying and placing materials;
    • selecting,
    • relocating the Haul truck;
    • carrying out machine operator maintenance;
    • and cleaning up.
  • Understand capabilities and characteristics of various Haul Trucks
  • Calculate safe working loads
  • Site and equipment safety requirements
  • Carry out basic earthworks calculations
Let our experienced trainers equip you to be work ready at industry standard!

Training is available to individuals and groups at our facility or yours.
Face to face in simulated work environment at the Advanced's training premises. Our experienced, qualified trainers and assessors will ensure you have all the knowledge and practical based training required.

Upcoming Conduct Haul Truck Operations - RIIMPO33E Courses

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