Voucher: HC Auto 1 Hour Lesson at Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

Voucher: HC Auto 1 Hour Lesson


Are you looking at gifting some lessons for someone special?

At Advanced, we like to conduct our lessons in 2 hour periods, however we understand this can be a lot of money to fork out all at once. If you are wanting to help someone pay their way towards their licence you may like to purchase hour blocks, which they can use towards a lesson or a few lessons. As a result, we have created a 1 hour lesson voucher ($170). If you would like to purchase the full amount of a two hour lesson, you would need to purchase two vouchers equaling $340. If you would like a custom voucher for a different amount, please contact the office on 07 49 211 916.

For a HC licence, it is the same price for either automatic or crashbox. Many people start off in a HR vehicle for their first lesson, before adding the trailer on. In this case, the price will be the same as a HR lesson $280 for crashbox or $300 for auto. If you are unsure please contact the office on the above number and they will be more than happy to help you out :)

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