Although young, Greg has maturity beyond his years and a varied amount of experience to draw from. Greg has been working for Advanced for 4 years and has certainly made his mark on the students he has taught, both young and old alike. In his time driving trucks Greg has worked for many companies and has driven an array of different types of vehicles including, agitators, water trucks, drill rigs, semis and B-doubles. Greg has worked for many large companies including Holcim, JRT, Lucus Drilling, Woolworths and other smaller local distributors. Greg has driven trucks locally and interstate. Whilst living in Sydney, Greg drove semis and B-doubles to support himself at university. He also has his private pilot license and loves to spend his spare time soaring the skies. Greg has built a reputation as a calm and collected trainer who gently guides his students towards becoming the best drivers they can be.

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