Licence Conditions

By Wade

A condition on a licence dictates what type of gearbox is allowed to be driven. In the transport industry there are 3 types of conditions found on licence grades:

1). A Condition (Auto)

  • Automatic Transmission Gearbox.
  • Similar to an automatic car licence which does not require any manual gear changes.


2). B Condition (Synchromesh/Manual)

  • Manual Transmission or Synchromesh Gearbox.
  • Can be referred to as a stick shift or single clutch manual gearbox.
  • Can be likened to driving a normal manual car but in a larger vehicle.


3). Open Unconditional (Crashbox/Road Ranger)

  • 18 Speed Road Ranger Gearbox.
  • Can also be referred to as a crashbox.
  • Involves doubling the clutch and splitting the gearbox
  • Requires a greater level of ability than driving a single clutch synchromesh vehicle.
  • To become equipped to drive a crashbox it requires a great deal of practice, time and specialised training.
  • Crashboxes are typically found in vehicles doing long haul trips or agricultural work.
  • Although they still play a very important role in the transport industry today, the amount of crashboxes being used has significantly reduced in the last 5 years.
  • A crashbox is only found in vehicles from a Heavy Rigid (HR) grade and above.


It is important to note also that when learning to drive in a heavy vehicle both the learner and the instructor must hold their licence on them at all times. This carries through to when the learner obtains their licence. It is a requirement of Queensland law that all heavy vehicle drivers hold their current licence on them at all times whilst in control of a heavy vehicle.

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