Wade is our all rounder, having grown up with a diverse range of skills on offer to him.  He has plenty of experience with trucks and various other machinery on the land, in the earthmoving industry and also at the Mines.   During his spare time Wade loves to be active outdoors and keep fit.  He has a reputation for his quick witt and down to earth manner while maintaining an eagerness to pass on his skill and knowledge in a professional manner.  Wade will help you feel confident on the road.  

5 Star Rating


I enjoyed the course and the manner of presentation and practical learning. During the course I learnt a lot of aspects of fork lift operation which I was not taught when first operating a forklift some 30 odd years ago. The learning environment and equipment is similar to many industrial /rural operating environments.
Marcus has the skill to instruct a group of people with diverse learning abilities and skill levels making the course enjoyable to do.
Since undertaking the course I have made improvements to my manner of operating our fork lift both in efficiency and safety. This will benefit our business.
I can highly recommend anyone wanting to obtain their fork lift qualification to enroll in the AHVDT course.
Dennis Murphy

Dennis Murphy

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